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Storage and Data Management Platform for Kubernetes Trusted by the Global 2000

Join us for an overview of PX-Autopilot for Capacity Management (GA with Portworx Enterprise 2.3) that lets you cut cloud storage costs in half by intelligently provisioning storage only when it is needed, eliminating the longstanding problem in the cloud of paying for storage when it is provisioned, not when it is consumed.

Topics that will be reviewed include:

  • Existing pay-for-use model and how it causes enterprises to over-provision block storage
  • What is PX-Autopilot? How does it automate storage capacity management?
  • Autogrow PVC, Autogrow storage pools
  • Cloud Storage costs savings example
  • Roadmap and Demo

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PX-Autopilot: Automated Capacity Management for K8s


Prashant Rathi

Director of Product Management,