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Storage and Data Management Platform for Kubernetes Trusted by the Global 2000

Forward-looking enterprises are rapidly adopting Red Hat OpenShift to build and run mission-critical applications across public and private clouds. But how do you address data mobility, including disaster recovery, a non-negotiable business requirement for enterprise applications, and avoid limiting your organization's adoption of OpenShift? 

In this webinar, we talk about: 

  • Strategies for moving data between OpenShift environments for application migration, blue-green deployments, and more
  • How synchronous and asynchronous replication can be used in different scenarios for data protection and when to use each
  • How PX-DR provides Zero RPO failover between metro-area OpenShift data centers 
  • How PX-DR also provides additional business continuity across any geography with continuous backups

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Disaster Recovery for Kubernetes on Red Hat OpenShift


Michael Ferranti

VP, Product and

Market Strategy

Ryan Wallner

Technical Advocate