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On-Demand Webinar

Backing up, restoring, and protecting critical workloads on Kubernetes 

When you put your mission-critical stateful applications like Gitlab in a Kubernetes cluster, you have to ensure that the application is protected against data loss or system failures on primary hardware.

Applications like GitLab not only need backups configured for Kubernetes objects like PVs, PVCs, stateful sets and service accounts but also the volumes associated with any persistent state they may be using. In other terms, if you do not back up the data as well as the application configuration, the difficulty and time it takes to recover a critical workload like Gitlab increases greatly.

Join us for this webinar on August 6th to learn: 
  • How to manage data and stateful applications in Kubernetes, including persistent storage and flexibility to update and move the state around
  • Why key Kubernetes concepts like container-granularity, namespaces, YAML based configurations and multi-cloud operations are necessary for Kubernetes backup systems 
  • How to backup and restore stateful applications in Kubernetes, including automating policies as well as keeping consistent backups across all stateful components


Abubakar Siddiq Ango

Technical Evangelism 

Program Manager


Ryan Wallner

Technical Advocate